Shilpa Iyer Eating a Blueberry bush while blueberry picking


and my love for all things food

I’m Shilpa and I’m so thrilled you found me here at Shilpa Iyer Eats. I’m a professional food photographer and stylist living along the Jersey Shore.  I was raised in Singapore, and many of you might know that our love for food is what defines a Singaporean. I could talk about food in Singapore all day and about our hawker center culture, but you’ll just have to take my word that I love food and everything about it. And as a photographer, I get to combine my passion for both photography and food. It’s a match made in heaven!

I work with a variety of restaurants and brands in the NJ/NYC area to provide them with great content for their websites or social channels. We live in such a visual world now, that it requires a great image on your social media accounts or website to convince your potential patrons to give your restaurant a try.  Are you tired of paying for stock images that don’t really represent your brand at all? I create stunning visual content using your brand’s vision that will set you apart from your competition. If a restaurant photoshoot is something you’re looking for or if you’re a cookbook author who has been dreaming of finally creating that cookbook of your family’s treasured recipes, I’d love to chat with you!