April 17, 2020

Cocktail Recipe: Thyme-Honey Gin Sour

If you’d asked me a month and a half ago what I’d be doing for Spring break, my response would certainly not have involved us continuing to self-isolate! But here we are, well into week 5 and reality has finally set that this might be our new normal for the foreseeable future.   So what do you when you’re a food photographer with a business that has pretty much come to a standstill? Well for starters, you try to create “quarantine-friendly meals” with the hopes of providing inspiration to those in a similar situation with limited pantry staples.

While I get a lot of enjoyment from photographing what I make and eat, what’s more exciting than that? Cocktails! I’m sure many of us cocktail imbibers made it a priority to stock up on our bars prior to lockdown. But even if you don’t have a fully stocked bar, I’ve created a feel-good (thanks to the thyme infused honey) super easy Gin Sour. It’s a cross between a traditional Gin Sour and a Bees Knees. Either way, getting a little extra honey and thyme in your diet these days isn’t a bad thing! Feel free to change up the spirits to something you love, just in case gin isn’t really your thing. I’d love to hear what you think.

A chilled coupe glass featuring a gin sour infused with thyme

Recipe card showing the ingredients for Thyme-Honey Gin Sour